BigBig Bomb

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In 2011 my colleague and friend Brian Romanko asked me to partner with him to form a new venture and I excitedly said yes. We drew upon our collective experience working at agencies like frog and thirteen23, aligned on a mission to make things that excited and engaged us, and formed BigBig Bomb.

The BigBig Bomb Crew: Brian and Lee, the founders, and their first employees, Lee and Paul.

Our elite team of four specialized in iOS design and development for start-ups and small companies. We created seven new award-winning products for our clients and ourselves, including our own startup.

🍷 Tastevin

The Tastevin app list view in dark mode.

Tastevin was our first big project and an opportunity to help a client take their idea from concept to reality. We designed and built an on-premise wine, liquor, and beer sales platform with a subscription-based sales model.

The product consists of a custom back-end system that manages one of the largest beverage databases in the world and allows clients to administrate the unique needs of their restaurants. The other core piece of the product is an iOS application that support custom restaurant branding and real-time inventory management.

The Tastevin app detail view in light mode. Tastevin app information architecture.

Our biggest lesson learned was how to help a startup quickly get up and running and then help them transition to an internal team for long-term support and growth.

📬 Outbox

Outbox sought to disrupt the mail industry by offering people a digital-first mail box. We helped them create a design language for their application and provided them with the initial iOS prototypes.

The startup was initially working in coordination with the USPS and had received a great round of funding. But the concept was perhaps a little ahead of its time and the service shut down in 2014.

Mail holds a nostalgic, special place in our hearts. We went through revision after revision of our designs and countless interaction prototypes to ensure that we recreated the visceral experience of opening mail in a digital format.

The Outbox incoming mailbox. The Outbox mail detail view.